John Williams and the universal language of film music

Contemporary film scores are often fantastic, but one thing they don’t often do is develop and change over the course of a film. Older film music regularly told a story from start to finish, and the best at this is John Williams. This video takes a close look at one of his greatest film scores, which turns 40 this year.

This video was made by Dan Golding:

For educational purposes only.

Archival footage:

Hans Zimmer – Making Of INCEPTION:
The Making of Close Encounters (DVD bonus feature):

Film excerpts from:

The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan, 2008
Star Wars, George Lucas, 1977
Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Steven Spielberg, 1977
The Sea Hawk, Michael Curtiz, 1940
Jaws, Steven Spielberg, 1975
Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock, 1960
For A Few Dollars More, Sergio Leone, 1965

Musical performances:

Atmosphères, Ligeti:
Polymorphia, Penderecki:
Die Fledermaus, Strauss:

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