The BEST Way to Learn Scales and Make Music [Composing with Bebop Dominant]

My Complete Theory and Songwriting course is NOW OUT! FRETASTIC is free, no downloads!
01:23- Lesson begins 06:19- Bebop Composition 11:58- New song!
I can’t wait to share with you all the absolute best way to learn scales and shapes on the guitar, and it’s totally free- I swear this isn’t an ad!!! It’s just literally the best resource I’ve found for guitarists who are into learning scales and shapes (hope you are!) and should actually save you quite a bit of cash on paper charts and books.

In addition to showing you all how I use and practice with Fretastic, I demonstrate how easily your scale practicing can turn into a real song, by walking through the process of finding a scale, choosing it’s accompanying chords, and adding other instruments like bass, drums, and keys. I composed and produced the music in Ableton 10 and Reason 11, and as I mention, there were quite a few technical difficulties that needed to be overcome.

Regardless, with patience and persistence I was able to get back on track, and even film a music video for the concept. If I were to finish this track into a whole song, it would take way more time than I am comfortable with just to upload it for this video. So instead, I’ll be completing this song on my own time and will upload it to Spotify when it’s done – I’ll let you all know when that happens!

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