Why James Bond sounds like James Bond

Across the entire franchise, there’s still an unmistakable sound to the music of James Bond. So why does James Bond sound like James Bond? And how do you write a new Bond song?

This video was made by Dan Golding: http://www.twitter.com/dangolding

I also do a podcast about film music called Art of the Score. We’ve just done a three part series on the music of James Bond! http://www.artofthescore.com.au

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The James Bond theme is by Monty Norman, arranged by John Barry.

Orchestral performance of James Bond music by the Qatar Philharmonic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnFcY…

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Excerpts from
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Jay Roach, 1999
Johnny English, Peter Howitt, 2003.

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